(experimental in-between space/painting/ performance, installation, eat-art)

Differencia invites you to explore differences in artistic and sensual ways. Step into dialogue, be creative and explore what appears and what's behind. 

At „DIFFERENCIA" you will find an open experimental space about the topic difference. Happenings and interactive opportunities to explore difference and interact with different others.

  • „Difference makes beauty.” Creative workshop to explore differences through painting, drawing, writing. (Saturday afternoon.)
  • „Unity comes to completion in difference.” An interactive installation about differences and a search for unity. Please contribute! Bring two different items (1–29 cm). (Throughout the Festival.)  
  • „Differences creates taste.”  SUPPER with a table for everyone. An opportunity to share food and words on the topic differences. (Friday supper. Pls bring words/poems and 1-2 ingredients for soup)


Sarita Dey

Sarita is Indo-German Artist and Expressive Arts Mediator. She lives and works in Hamburg/ Germany and from time to time wandering the world. In her works she explores topics such as Home, Identity, Inbetween and Encounter.

Apart from her own artistic works she creates community-building projects and happenings with arts and food in urban spaces.



Pictures from her latest exhibition “INBETWEEN” here: http://bit.ly/2s2EX4Y